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Curd cake with sliced fruits

White sponge cake with soft strawberry-curd cream, sliced peaches and pears.
€/kg 12.00

Curd sponge cake with apricot jam
[Cottage cheese delicacy]

Light white sponge cake with soft airy curd-apricot cream.
€/kg 10.50

Curd sponge cake with cherry jam
Light and fluffy sponge cake with curd cream and cherry jam.
€/kg 10.50

* Berry layer cake
Light and airy cake with unusual vanilla ice-cream cream, fresh blueberries and chocolate sponge interlayer.
€/kg 16.00

Chocolate cake with cherries
Chocolate sponge cakewith cherry jam and chocolate cream. This cake has a light cognac flavor.
€/kg 13.50

Chocolate cake with Mascarpone cheese
[Chocolate NEO]

Cake is made of cherry liquor-soaked chocolate sponge, Mascarpone cheese cream, chocolate cream and cherry jam interlayer.
€/kg 18.00

Strawberry–whipped cream cake
White sponge cake with whipped strawberry cream.
€/kg 12.00
Honey cake
Honey sponge cake with sour cream - whipped cream frosting.
€/kg 9.00

Honey cake with walnuts
Very delicious honey sponge cake with sour cream - whipped cream frosting and chopped walnuts.
€/kg 11.00

Mascarpone-raspberry cake

Amazing white sponge cake with Mascarpone-white chocolate cream and soft raspberry interlayer.
€/kg 16.00

Truffle cake with nuts

Airy chocolate sponge cake with a shortcrust pastry layer and truffle-krokan cream.
€/kg 15.00

Pistachio & Passion fruit cake

Exotic white sponge cake with pistachio and passion fruit cream interlayers.
€/kg 18.00

Сhocolate meringue cake with wild berry jam

White sponge cake with chocolate cream, wild berry jam interlayer and crispy chocolate-hazelnut meringue.
€/kg 15.00


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